New All Natural Pet Treat a Hit with Picky Dogs

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( — February 13, 2015) Florida, FL — Dog owners with picky pets often have to be very particular about the kinds of treats they feed them in order not to waste money on a product the animal may not like. On top of that, the animal may be allergic to ingredients in some dog treats, which may cause them to get sick.

Many have even claimed that their pets seemed excited about the product, in comparison to numerous other dog treats they have tried unsuccessfully.

“I have purchased at least a dozen different dog treats over the years trying to please my girl. Yes, I don’t have to say my fur baby is extremely picky when it comes to her food or treats,” said Susan in a verified Amazon review. She went on to say, “Well, this is what my dog thinks about these treats from The Real Thing, incredibly whisker licking good!”

Other customers were not only happy that their picky dogs liked the all-natural dog treats, they also expressed satisfaction that the product was healthy in comparison to other commercially-produced dog treats. “It means so much to me that I know that my dogs are getting great ingredients that will not make them sick, like other treats we have tried in the past,” said Pukanecz in another verified Amazon review.

In making a pet treat that was agreeable with most, if not all dogs, The Real Thing used a 400 year old recipe. This recipe is said to be brought to South Africa by the Voortrekkers and involves curing meat rather than cooking. As a result, the dog treat retains its natural flavor, which is further enhanced by natural spices and salt. In fact, the product contains no artificial flavors, chemical preservatives or additives found in other pet treats. Vets have reportedly turned to the product to feed sick dogs when the animals refused all other foods and treats

Dog owners who may have pets with discriminating palates, may consider The Real Thing’s all-natural dog treats. They are currently available on Amazon and come with a full money back guarantee.

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The Real Thing is a very successful organic health food supplement company and we thought that while we are keeping humans healthy, why not extend that to their furry children.

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