Wash & Go Laundry Sponsors Lunar Festival at Qualcomm

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(Newswire.net — February 12, 2015) San Diego, California — Wash & Go Laundry, a local San Diego laundromat business is the title sponsor of The Lunar New Year Festival. A charitable cause and every dollar will benefit the social, cultural, and economic revitalization of the newly designated Little Saigon District of San Diego.  Presently, collaborate community efforts include establishing a community center that provides services for the seniors and the youths.

“At Wash & Go Laundry we are “Just About Laundry”. You won’t find soda machines, games, or other distractions located in our stores. Our laundromats focus is to provide an environment free of clutter and distractions with the focus on personalized service. We hire locally within our communities typically with individuals who speak multiple languages. We are partnering with local businesses and community groups in the vicinity of our laundromat locations. Coffee shops, restaurants, convenience stores, and other small locally owned businesses are our partners. They are there to provide our customers access to services and goods and allowing our customers to support locally owned and run businesses such as ours “said Robert, Wash & Go Laundry’s Co-founder and VP of Operations. 

The Lunar New Year Festival is a 3­ day event celebrating the most important holiday and festivity in Asia. The Asian demographic is the fastest growing ethnic population (by 51.8% yearly). This means that not only the “Asian market” is growing, but the general “interest in Asian culture” by non­ Asian is also growing. We asked Frank Vuong, president of Little Saigon Foundation about his experience with the Wash & Go Laundromats and he said “I have been living in City Heights for 10 years now and have often taken my laundry to the laundromat that Wash & Go owns in Little Saigon District.  It’s great that they have three locations convenient for all the residents nearby.  Moreover, I am excited and grateful to see a local business that, besides from having served the residents in the district for many years, also recently totally revamped itself to “give forward” to the community by investing in the community’s revitalization effort.  It’s really smart of Wash & Go to sponsor the Little Saigon Foundation’s big Lunar New Year Festival at Qualcomm Stadium because they know that every dollar we raise from that event will go directly back to improving the social, cultural, economic, and infrastructural of the local community.  I am also thrilled to see their brand new, cutting-edge, technologically advanced machines in service.  And I hope to see other businesses follow Wash & Go Laundry’s example of pioneering business leadership and community service.” To learn more about us please click here

We caught up with co-founder and President of Wash & Go Laundry, Alex and asked him about their philosophy. He said “Our philosophy is simple to bring a clean modern look and feel to an industry and business know for neglecting its environment, appearance and equipment with little-to-no customer service. For us “It’s all in the details.” We wanted to create an environment where people feel like they can actually make use of their time, catch the game, surf the web, and even converse with one another in a comfortable setting.” And to us the details do matter, as our 3 locations feature live attendants twelve (12) hours a day, 55 inch TVs, Sirius Radio & Music, fluff fold service, complimentary soap & Wi-Fi. We have plans in the works to open more locations this year.Watch our Welcome Video Click Here 

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Wash & Go Laundry was founded in June 2013 on a premise of doing away with unproductive, outdated experience of doing laundry at Laundromats. Our Laundromats are about enhancing an out-of-date, humdrum chore, by renovating and transforming Laundromats for the modern age. With three locations in San Diego having undergone top to bottom makeovers. On-site laundry specialists are present 12 of 15 operating hours, locals will enjoy a seamless experience with customer service support. Our goal is to offer laundry services to local communities at fair and reasonable prices with high quality friendly service.

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