It’s Just Lunch Washington DC Releases Survival Guide to Valentine’s Day

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( — February 13, 2015) Washington, DC — Men and women have different philosophies when it comes to how to celebrate Valentine’s Day. In an effort to help both genders get the most out of Valentine’s Day, It’s Just Lunch Washington DC has recently released their Valentine’s Day Survival Guide.

It’s Just Lunch’s Valentine’s Day Survival Guide is a compilation of survey questions and answers taken from over 1,400 singles. The questions focused on how men and women felt about certain aspects of Valentine’s Day. The question topics ranged from ideal gift selections to what each gender wanted to do on Valentine’s Day itself.

The survey showed that 38 percent of men expected to spend Valentine’s Day together after one to three dates, an idea that only 26 percent of women agreed with. It’s Just Lunch as seen at also saw similar results when asking singles how much they should spend on a Valentine’s Day gift for someone they have been dating for one to three months. 53 percent of women thought spending $50 or less was appropriate, while only 38 percent of men agreed. Ten percent of women and seven percent of men thought spending $100 or more was appropriate, and 38 percent of men and 22 percent of women did not expect any gifts for Valentine’s Day.

It’s Just Lunch as seen at found that the largest gap between men’s and women’s answers in their Valentine’s Day Survival Guide came from their question regarding types of gifts. When asked what the best gift for Valentine’s Day would be, 50 percent of men said that sex would be the ideal gift on Valentine’s Day, whereas only 22 percent of women selected “sex” as their ideal gift option.

With their focus on reliable matchmaking for single professionals, It’s Just Lunch as seen at continues to research the ins and outs of dating and relationships. Their goal has been to successfully match up single professionals for more than 23 years.

About IJL: It’s Just Lunch Washington DC is a dating service that matches professionals with others who share their interests and dating goals. Unlike dating sites, IJL offers discreet and individualized matchmaking services with guaranteed dates.


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