Innovations in Telemedicine

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( — February 20, 2015)  Technology has brought about a new innovation in telemedicine. With the use of technology, you are now about to use the internet and a computer to complete your doctor visit. Of course, there are certain things that need to be completed in a doctors’ office, however the majority of appointments can be done via telemedicine.

Some of you may be questioning what telemedicine actually is. It’s simple, it is the new age version of doing in-house doctor visits. These online sessions are very simple to complete and you can begin with slowly introducing these video sessions to your existing patients. Try scheduling every other appointment as a video session, so that your patient can be comfortable with the different platforms available as well as how the process works.

Telemedicine is an easy process to start with your practice. You simply set your practice up with a provider that provides the web interface platforms for your business, choose a package with the provider and the rest takes care of itself. Marketing services allow you to market to new patients and gain patients to your practice. You are able to obtain multi-state licensure and complete your appointments with ease.

All telemedicine services still have to comply with HIPAA guidelines, which means privacy and protection of your medical information. This is done through encrypted security provided by your service provider. Payments for services are taken via credit or debit card and then place in your account by your service provider.

You are still able to complete the same normal doctor appointments via the web. These appointments include general and routine check-ups and other types of services provided by most types of physicians. Of course, there are certain things that cannot be covered through a video internet conferencing, but the majority of the services will be covered and available. There are many benefits available to using this type of system, and it begins with you having more availability for your patients, which increases your marketability.

When choosing a service provider to assist you with providing an online platform for your patients, Cloud Visit provides everything that you are looking for and need. The above mentioned services are just some of what Cloud Visit has to offer to your practice. In fact, they help you with marketing and with easing your patients into the internet conferencing interface comfortably. They will also help with promoting your services across state lines so that you have the availability to expand your practice. Through Cloud Visit, your patients are able to join an online community, where they can receive support from others that are using this as a doctor visit alternative. This is what they refer to as a Patient Peer Program. it allows users to share their experiences and help with current medical issues that they could be experiencing.

Recent studies and research have been conducted regarding the use of these services in the prison systems. Often times it has been questioned as to the most beneficial way to provide safe, secure and quality medical services to the prisons. By providing a technological approach to doctor visits, this can be accomplished. Through the help of Cloud Visit’s consulting services this is available to you without compromising your availability to existing patients.

Cloud Visit offers your practice the ability to be able to accomplish and fulfill the needs of your patients without the hassle of time constraints. Patients do not have to worry about weather, accidents or other obstacles that can prevent them from completing a doctors visit. This includes patients that are currently incarcerated. You are able to provide the same quality care without discriminating against patients. In fact, this opens up a whole new field within the medical spectrum that many providers are looking for.

You are able to choose the package that will benefit your practice the most based on the functions and services offered. Right at your fingertips you will have your appointment schedule, fees and services offered and online medical equipment devices readily available. You will have access treatment and medical records with just a touch of a button. There are mobile apps that are available for the medical equipment needed to monitor and track your patients health, which makes sharing and transferring of this information to you a quick and easy process. Cloud Visit makes the entire process an easy transition for both patient and doctor.