GEEO Introduces Travel to Eastern Europe in 2015

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( — February 20, 2015) Ardmore, PA — This summer, The Global Exploration for Educators Organization, or GEEO, will help teachers to visit Eastern Europe while saving money. Instructors who take part in this trip will study Viennese architecture and 20th century historical events such as the Warsaw Uprising. GEEO coordinates educational and less expensive overseas vacations specifically for teachers. After the trip, a teacher produces a 20-minute presentation based on the experience, and shares it with his or her students.


The objective of GEEO as seen at is to help teachers gain valuable knowledge about other countries, which they share with their own pupils. The GEEO-sponsored trip to Eastern Europe allows teachers to experience Cold War history and local architecture up close. Educators will then share this experience with their students.


GEEO gives teachers who have a passion for world history and culture an in-depth, real world insight as seen at GEEO encourages such up-close experiences while visiting another country by suggesting that teachers interact with locals and visit “non-tourist” locations. Such an educational trip provides greater understanding of the world which a teacher can share with his or her students.


GEEO as seen at offers clients the unique experience of traveling with fellow teachers and meeting educators from the host countries. Many GEEO trips offer a visit to a classroom lecture in the host country, or a discussion with teachers from the host country if the school system is not in session. Experts expect the world to become even more integrated in the coming decades, and a well-traveled teacher offers students valuable appreciation for the shrinking world.


About GEEO: Based in Pennsylvania, Global Exploration for Educators Organization (GEEO) specializes in developing creative discounted teacher travel programs. The non-profit organization creates accessible itineraries and uses simple accommodations to make travel affordable for any educator.


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