Headfirst Printing has a Better Way to Put a Logo on a Shirt

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(Newswire.net — February 23, 2015) Plymouth, MI — Headfirst Printing has a better way to put your logo on a shirt.

Custom shirt printer Headfirst Printing has developed a new and better way to print logos on business apparel using a lightweight print made of silicone rubber instead of embroidery or traditional ink.

Over the past decade the shirts we wear have changed.  Cotton shirts have made way to new breathable, moisture wicking fabrics often referred to as performance or tech fabrics.

The new materials have created challenges for the decorated apparel industry.  These challenges have been especially pronounced with business apparel, traditionally the realm of the embroidered polo shirt. 

Headfirst Printing’s Patrick Kelleher explains why performance materials are not suitable for embroidery, “When you embroider a lightweight tech fabric the logo bunches and the fabric puckers around the logo.   As the shirt is washed the embroidered logo shrinks and shifts which exaggerates the problem”

Kelleher goes on to say, “These modern shirts are very lightweight and comfortable to wear but the weight of the embroidery and backing add an uncomfortable element to the shirt.” His firm, Headfirst Printing, has pioneered a solution.  Headfirst uses silicone rubber to print a logo on to performance shirts.  Kelleher says that this printed silicone logo is lightweight and extremely comfortable to wear.

The silicone inks that Headfirst prints will stretch with the shirt and allow the logo to flex and shift without cracking or breaking.  These inks can be blended to match any almost any color. 

Headfirst Printing is located in Plymouth, Michigan and prints with both standard shirt inks as well as silicone inks.  For more information you can find Headfirst Printing at http://HeadfirstPrinting.com or call 734-418-9038

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Headfirst Printing specializes in providing custom printed apparel for events, businesses and athletes on high school and collegiate teams. We offer screen printing with plastisol, water base or silicone inks along with full color dye sublimation printing. http://HeadfirstPrinting.com 734-418-9038 sales@headfirstprinting.com

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