Bamboo Placemats by The Little Bamboo, Awarded Best Seller Status on

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( — February 23, 2015) Sanford, FL — Due to high sales volume and popularity, The Little Bamboo’s flagship product, bamboo placemats, has been awarded the #1 Best Seller Badge in the category of “Placemats” on  This particular set of placemats comes in a package of six and has many great benefits that stands it apart from its competition, so there is no surprise with the recent recognition

Placemats are becoming more and more prevalent in homes these days and with that in mind there are many different types of placemats for consumers to choose from. There are placemats that are purely decorative, ones that are eco-friendly, and those that are everyday practical. The Little Bamboo created a placemat set that combines all three of these characteristics.

First, the placemats are stylish with bamboo slats and a black decorative fabric trim. This combination makes the placemats not only attractive but versatile since the black fabric will match many different decors. The natural bamboo is also something that matches well with a variety of different settings.

These bamboo placemats are eco-friendly due to the use of bamboo with the construction of the placemats. Bamboo, unlike wood, is a resource that replenishes itself in a shorter time span, bamboo is actually one of the fastest growing types of plants in the world. Wood on the other hand can take 30 -50 years to replenish itself. Therefore, it is a great choice for a natural look that does not create a strain on the environment.

When creating these placemats, The Little Bamboo also wanted to ensure that they were practical for everyday use with families. This means the placemats are easy to clean, easy to maintain and durable for long term use. The top of the placemats are easy to wipe clean with a damp cloth and the back of the placemats have mesh to catch any spills and to prevent any scratches on the table tops.

“I love these placemats. Not only do they look great on my dining room table, but they are great for everyday use with my family and they are easy to just wipe clean. I also love the fact that they are bamboo and not plastic. That just puts them in a class of their own J ” says Rachel, a satisfied customer. 

“We are excited about the Best Seller recognition on Amazon. We love our bamboo placemats and we are glad to bring such a high quality product, with great value to the market. The ongoing positive feedback from our customers has been extremely rewarding” says Monika from The Little Bamboo.


The Little Bamboo is a company that prides itself in high quality, practical and affordable bamboo related products for the home and family. Their bamboo placemats can be found on