The Art of Juna: Four Year Old’s Maui Art Show to Benefit Children with Cancer

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( — February 27, 2015) Maui, Hawaii — Art from most four-year olds usually decorates the family refrigerator. But Juna is no ordinary four-year old. That’s why his modern art will debut at a Maui Benefit Art Show on March 7th. Born in 2010, Juna’s parents, Chris and Hong, sensed they had given birth to an old soul. And they were right. To date, Juna has created over 20 imaginative and visionary pieces on canvas as well as abstract paintings on to the surface of guitars and ukuleles.


It wasn’t enough for Juna to just unveil his art to the world. Juna wants his art to make the world a brighter place and change the lives of children, especially those suffering from diseases like cancer. When asked about influencing children’s lives with his art, Juna replied, “Everything is connected to us, every kitty should get to play”.


For that reason, Juna has partnered with the Love Hope Strength Foundation, the world’s leading music-centric cancer organization. Love Hope Strength conducts cancer benefit concerts at world heritage sites on all five continents and at major cities across the world. A portion of proceeds from the sale of Juna’s work will benefit a Love Hope Strength initiative in Vietnam to provide free treatment for children battling cancer.


As Juna’s father Chris shared, “Juna’s joy and passion for art really knows no bounds. And his generosity in wanting to help others even more so. ”


Juna’s Debut Art Show and Benefit is March 7th at Maui Kombucha, 810 Kokomo Rd. Haiku, Hawaii. In addition to showcasing Juna’s collection of art, the evening features kombucha, local food, and live music, all at one of Maui’s favorite local destinations. Juna’s amazing story and art collection can be viewed here:


For media inquiries, to chat with Juna and learn more about his passion for art and helping others, please contact Christopher Roy at (808) 757-8330.



Juna is a four-year-old artist who lives and paints daily from his home on Maui. His parents, Chris and Hong, were amazed by his first experiences with paints and a canvas while still in diapers. All of one-year old, Juna began painting and playing music. Today, he is expressing his unique art style on canvas, guitars, ukuleles, and other natural surfaces.


Juna’s art has attracted the attention of individuals, companies and organizations across the world. Most recently, his art inspired the founder of the world’s leading music-centric charity to help launch a Vietnam-based initiative to help children battling cancer.



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