Solar Motion Light Now Features New Design Enhancements of Outdoor Home Lighting

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( — March 4, 2015) Beaverton, OR — The enhancements made are expected to improve the light’s durability and make installation easier.


With the winter season in full swing, the lights have been fortified to guard against any issues with moisture or extreme temperatures. As a result, the front light panel is now secured with four screws, providing extra weatherproofing protection. The cable connection has also been upgraded, featuring a higher quality, fully weatherproof connection that prevents any issues whether the light is faced by rain or snow. Finally, the light now ships with new wing nuts, which help to make the already simple installation process even easier.


The improved design elements are expected to further enhance the user experience with using the lights, whether as security motion lights or regular outdoor lights used to light a particular area. The new design of the 60 LED Light has 3 main improvements, the first being 4 screws which now hold on the front panel of the LED assembly. This improves the weatherproofing of the light dramatically. The second improvement is an improved weatherproof power connector on the cable from the solar panel to the light. The last improvement is an easy to remove screw on the brackets which improves the ease of installation of the light.


The lights have been receiving a higher proportion of favorable comments from shoppers, expressing satisfaction with its features and enhancements. “This light set is user friendly. I was able to install on our back deck by the door and it has a long enough cable to put the solar part on the corner where it will get the most sun. Being a girl who never installs anything I was happy I could follow these instructions. Beware the light is SUPER bright,” said Jessica Rowden in a verified Amazon review.


With outdoor security lighting becoming a major concern for many, the home lighting outdoor were developed to be energy efficient, easy to use and safe. They require no extra wiring or accessories for installation and can be placed anywhere around the home. The 60 LED lamps it uses are powered wholly by the solar panel it is shipped with and the light is also portable.


The latest design improvements are believed to make the home lighting outdoor even better at providing high quality, consistent service. Solar Motion is sure that the new enhancements have added more value to their product and as such, has backed it with a full 1 year warranty.

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