Disney World for Entrepreneurs

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(Newswire.net — March 5, 2015)  — CEOspace is Disney World for Entrepreneurs and business persons whose only desire is extending borders in their businesses, they should always consider the Forbes “must attend” business growth conference. The conference brings together entrepreneurs, business investors and motivational speakers who play a vital role in expanding your networking. The conference is held five times every year, and it aims at creating a steady growth for your business.


For the past two decades, the conference has been molding the CEO space. This space gives your organization an ideal opportunity to excel. Perhaps you might be wondering what benefits you stand to enjoy by becoming a CEO Space member. Below are some of the benefits enjoyed by members.

The physical education for your business: if you are attending the conference for the first time, you will have an experience like no other. The conference organizers ensure that from Sunday to Wednesday you go through business education. Maybe you have been to such a class before; however, this class is different in the sense that it provides you with the opportunity to have lessons right from the horses mouths. I mean the top business CEOs worldwide. They will answer all the questions you might have and help you put your ideas into practice. There is also a bonus; you will be provided with up to 30 educational course materials that are continuous in the diverse industries.

Refund is guarantee: there are times some of our clients are not happy with experience. This is a rare all the same. But in case it happens, your tuition fee will be refunded. This is an absolute guarantee. However, your reasons will have to be very significant.

Presentation opportunities: if you are an upcoming entrepreneur and you need to sell your commodities or services; we will provide you with an opportunity for you to be able to explain your products and services. This will also expose you to investors and customers as well. Who knows, you might just find the right match for your business.

Access to free grad weekend: CEO Space gives you an opportunity to be able to attend the graduation ceremony that is always done on the last day. This is after the trade show that is usually held from Thursday to Sunday. Again you will be able to network, meet new enrollees and share more about the corporate world. You will also be allowed to showcase your products in the exposition.

Access to our contributions and monthly newsletter: all our graduates receive our monthly newsletters and are free to contribute to them. You will be well informed of the current ideas on how to keep your business growing. You will also be able to find out how the other CEO graduates are faring on. You can also share with the rest of the community on your achievements and ask questions as well.

Expanded networking; the primary aim of our conference is to assist you in building more networks that will be beneficial to your business growth. We have scheduled a two-hour mealtime three times on a daily basis. This is the time to toast a glass of wine for new business partnerships and new friends. Ensure that you break bread with more and more entrepreneurs. You will never regret.

Free private meetings and coaching; there is no unique chance given anywhere like the one provide by our conference to CEO members. You will have an opportunity to meet our experts. If you want to share a meal or two with them, the freedom is in your hands. You can also maintain contacts with our trainers who are well qualified. For those entrepreneurs that operate businesses that earn higher-profit are allowed to meet the experts individually. This will be more advantageous for them.

Whether you take the golden CEO or the platinum CEO membership, you will be able to enjoy the benefits beyond your imaginations and better than Disney World. Don’t just attend the conference; experience the goodness of your time. Instead of attending inappropriate meetings or assuming you know everything about your business, make use of CEO Space to get the best out of your business. Whether you plan on attending the conference once or more than once, be sure to get a membership of CEO Space to enjoy these and more Benefits.