Makeup Brush Set by Keshima Sparks Numerous Five Star Ratings

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( — March 8, 2015) Las Vegas , Nevada — Since being released, the product has garnered a high level of favorable reviews and five star ratings, the highest possible rating on, which is reserved for only high quality products.

To date, more than 86 of all shoppers who reviewed the product have given it full five star ratings. With ratings and reviews being the measuring stick used by shoppers to judge the quality of products on Amazon, it is believed that the makeup brush set is of high quality based on customer response. Users have been expressing satisfaction with the quality materials used to make the brush set and the value of the product, which also includes a bonus kabuki brush.

“I never realized there was such a difference between make up brushes until I received these ones. When applying makeup with these brushes, it goes on much smoother and blends easier. The bristles on the brushes do not fall out,” said Sabrina L. Shaw in a verified Amazon review.

Other customers went as far as to say that the makeup brushes were the best they had ever used. “I took a chance and it paid off! The kabuki is the best I’ve ever used just a solid set for face, eye, liner (real nice, just firm enough) blush & contour. I will buy again,” said Autonomy, another satisfied customer.

The make up brushes set consists of five professional makeup brushes: an angled blush brush, eyeliner brush, powder brush, eye shadow brush and blending brush. In order to add even more value, a high quality flat top kabuki brush, which is said to be the perfect foundation brush, has been added. All brushes are housed in a Keshima makeup brush holder.

The high level of favorable responses for the professional-grade make up brushes from Keshima may be attributed to the high quality materials they are made with, including AAA synthetic hair or AAA cruelty-free natural animal hair. Each brush also undergoes a 7-step process during manufacturing to prevent shedding and instill durability. A money back guarantee is offered to all shoppers, making the product risk free.