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(Newswire.net — March 9, 2015) Steyning, West Sussex — According to Andy Shaw, happiness is only a choice, though accepting to be unhappy is just another choice. In a bug free mind video just published on Youtube, he says that all that is needed to be done is to choose to be happy, which is actually the answer people are looking for. Andy is quoted as saying… “However, right now it’ll probably be pretty difficult to accept it for what it is. The whole world’s saying ‘I wanna be happy,’ but what people don’t realize is they are able to choose to be happy at any point in time, so why wait?”


Andy says that unhappiness can be literally switched off as easily as it appeared in the first place, however, a few mental barriers do exist that need to be removed before anything will happen with ease. He explains the primary barrier as the thought… “I wanna be happy, I’ve always wanted to be happy, and if I could choose to be happy, then don’t you think I would be. In other words you just don’t believe you actually can, however, you really can. It’s only about understanding how your mind works, so you are able to control your own thoughts. Once we recognize that we are the one controlling our thoughts, we can actually begin to control them. This is when we begin to feel the unhappiness approaching, as we simply allow the negative thoughts to come in, we observe them, and finally it comes over you like a Tsunami.”


The author of Creating A Bug Free Mind continues to explain how the Saltori system has helped thousands of his followers begin thinking in a different way. He adds… “As you observe such thoughts without judgment, you need to rob them of their power, so just remind yourself that ‘feeling unhappy’ is simply not helping you get where you desire to go. Once you have robbed them of their power, and you have remembered that they are not helping you, then thoughts of unhappiness and being unhappy simply dissolve. It sounds too good to be true, I know, however, sometimes the simplest of solutions does not lie on the outside, but on the inside.


I am not saying that I do not get unhappy as that would be a lie. It is just as soon as I am aware that I am not happy (which is pretty quick), I simply observe my thoughts, and know that they are not helping me, because no thought stands still. It either hurts or helps, and once this happens, I am released from the unhappiness instantly, because it has been instantly transmuted into happiness. Why, because how can you not be happy at being able to switch off unhappiness?”


Andy concludes by saying that the next time someone hears them-self saying “I wanna be happy,” to go inside their mind, and take a look at their thoughts. He adds…”It’s just a question of removing all of the mental road blocks to living an abundant, happy life. The Saltori system begins in the first five chapters of Creating A Bug Free Mind, which are of-course free, and with enough training to change a mindset in under a week. Check out the website, to see all of the testimonials by people from all round the world, all happy, and all part of the bug free mind international community.”







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