New Lightweight Hoses Help Manage Back Pain

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( — March 13, 2015) Toronto, Ontario — Gardening is supposed to be an enjoyable, stress-free activity. And it typically is in the case of yours truly, a healthy male in his forties that shares his time in between Toronto, Canada and Florida. On the last trip south it was decided to re-plant the garden at the property and there was a list of native and non-native plants and shrubs that were to be incorporated. All of the tools were in place: own a pick-up truck, a wheelbarrow, shovels and handtools, and importantly a pair of quality knee pads.

It is surprising how hard gardening can be on the body; something a summer landscaping job during the high school days had taught.

“The riskiest thing relating to gardening is bending over and twisting at the same time while lifting something heavy.” states Dr. Stacy Irvine, a chiropractor at Toronto’s Totum Life Science.

Day one of digging and weeding was exhaustive. Mostly bicep and forearm pain with a shoulder sunburn to deal with. Day two was planting and watering and after six hours of lifting, being cautions with posture and lift form – it happened.

With no prior lower back injuries it was never a concern to bend over and pick something up under thirty pounds. Share the lift between legs and arms and back. It strains your back and joints as you go along the day. However, you’re lucky if you have one of those sturdy and lightweight garden wheelbarrows to help you finish the job quickly without too much strain.

It was a traditional green rubber hose purchase from last season and it was partially full of water weight. The tool that was least expected to invoke an injury, and wound up it probably weighed roughly twenty-five pounds.

To prevent that from happening, Irvine suggests to warm up before starting, possibly with stretches and a walk around the block or a hot shower.

None of those were implemented and it is immensely regretted.

After three days of rest the annoying pain has resided but while spending days on the couch some research was done. The conclusion was that this personal experience wasn’t the first time a gardener has pulled their back out by using a heavy, rubber garden hose.

The research pointed in one direction: reputation. A hose with a five-star review on Amazon comes from Canada originally and is now recently launched in the USA. The Clear Flow Garden Hose is toted as a lightweight garden hose with many other perks like an NSF approval (meaning it is safe to drink from), and the crush-proof nylon fittings. Everyone loves it.

It is certainly an option that invokes excitement online and for this hobbyist gardener. It would be an excellent product for seniors or people with existing back issues.

If you buy one please report your findings on all the benefits of the Clear Flow Water Hose.



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