Eyelash Extensions in Montreal – Safety Concerns Prompts Consumer Alert

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(Newswire.net — March 18, 2015) Montreal, Quebec — Eyelash extensions are applied using a chemical glue that can sometimes contain formaldehyde. This chemical agent can cause a variety of issues for eyelash extension wearers, particularly if the glue gets into their eyes. For example, someone with an allergy to formaldehyde could potentially have a major allergic reaction. If a chemical is accidentally exposed to the cornea, the eye could suffer irritations, infection, or scarring. Recently, attention was drawn to the issue when celebrity Kristen Chenoweth appeared on The Late Show with David Letterman. During the episode, she revealed her swollen eyes and said, “Something bad has happened. I’ve got eyelash extensions. Here’s the problem: The glue has formaldehyde in it, and I’m allergic. I swelled up and I’m sneezing. It looks like I have lips on my eyelids.”


Aside from issues stemming from chemicals such as formaldehyde, eyelash extensions also pose a problem because they are known to trap dirt and bacteria. This process can lead to a bacterial infection, which can have serious repercussion for the eyes that include infection and blindness.


In response to calls for concern from clients, Canada’s NStyle Nail Lounge who are eyelash extensions specialists in Montreal says, “The risk of infection or allergic reaction from the use of eyelash extensions is directly related to the quality of the salon. Infections can be prevented with simple sanitation techniques, and allergic reactions from formaldehyde are easily avoided by using non-formaldehyde glues to adhere the extensions to the eyelid.” In addition, the salon’s spokesperson said, “We highly encourage clients to research reputable salons to ensure that they are receiving the highest degree of professionalism from certified, trained stylists.”


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