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( — March 18, 2015) Wichita, Kansas — Renowned corporate adviser and motivational speaker, Chuck Gumbert has been helping businesses throughout the country move forward and accelerate change for more than 35 years.  People interested in improving businesses or looking to make changes to improve the overall quality of life can now download Gumbert’s new book, “Accelerating Performance in Today’s Business World – A Battle Plan for Chief Executives” for free by visiting Gumbert’s website at

Gumbert uses both business and life experiences to help companies achieve success.  At the age of 2, Gumbert was faced with the challenge of overcoming the effects of polio, yet the entrepreneur and business guru went on to play sports and even become a pilot in the United States Navy.  Gumbert became known as “The Turnaround Specialist” by using the Success Model in the world of business to advise leaders of multi-million dollar corporations and help these companies continue to achieve success.

Chuck Gumbert offers clients a variety of services including the Accelerate Business Performance Program, Operational Turnarounds, Interim Management and Speaking and Training.  The Accelerate Business Performance Program provides businesses ways to improve cash flow, expand capacity, increase profitability, improve employee accountability, increase employee morale and enhance customer service.  The Operational Turnarounds program is designed to provide businesses with the leadership and structure to ensure that employees are aligned with the company’s goals as well as provide the mentoring and training needed in employees’ individual roles.  Gumbert can help each company decide which services are most needed and would benefit employees and the business as a whole.  To learn more about Gumbert’s life and business strategies, visit for a free download of Gumbert’s latest book.

About Chuck Gumbert

Chuck has applied his core principles and proven Success Model in the business world, advising corporate leaders and their teams how to achieve predictable and consistent success. A true leader in an ever-changing America, Chuck is known for his high integrity, pristine character, drive and ability to “get the job done” – no matter what the circumstances. He has the unique ability to quickly diagnose complicated problems and breakdowns within an organization, rally the troops to get everyone on board working towards a common goal and launch a solid success strategy for improved and accelerated performance.

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