Cleaning Tips For HVAC System Spring Cleaning

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( — March 18, 2015) Springfield, MO — According to research completed in a recent survey conducted by the
American Cleaning Institute, most homeowners participate in routine spring-cleaning. Although deep cleaning is not rocket science there are essential steps that most homeowners overlook. Everyday cleaning that includes general organizing or window washing is seldom left behind. Unfortunately most homeowners underestimate the value of HVAC system maintenance as part of the spring-cleaning routine. One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning, serving residents in the Springfield MO area for many years, has taken the time to create an all-inclusive HVAC spring-cleaning to
do list.

1 Filters for the air conditioner may need to be replaced as often as once per month. Check the air filter to ensure that a dirty filter is not inhibiting the airflow and overtaxing the system.

2 Fan blades inside the system can gather a great amount of dust just like ceiling fans. Taking the time to clean out the fan blades in the HVAC system can keep thing running smoothly when warmer temperatures hit.

3.The coils within the air condition system need to be regularly cleaned as well. If they are not dirty, then the system will run as efficiently as possible, reducing energy costs and prolonging the life of the HVAC system.

4.There are blower components inside the HVAC system that need to be cleaned out in order to promote optimal airflow.

5.The inspection and proper cleaning of air ducts is especially important since the ducts bring in air from the outside. When outdoor pollutants such as mold or pollen build up in the air duct, there is a negative affect in the air quality being cycled through the home.

Homeowners are encouraged to contact the professionals with One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning to schedule an expert level spring-cleaning and tune up. This is a great time of year to schedule a yearly check up for the HVAC system before the weather heats up and the condition of the HVAC system creates unwanted problems. Residents are encouraged to call or visit the website today in order to consult with the highly qualified HVAC technician.

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