Refining Nature Launches Fast-Acting Phytoceramides Anti-aging Supplement

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( — March 25, 2015) Sanford, NC — Refining Nature, has launched their new skin care product, Revitalizing Phytoceramides, which promises to replenish aged skin in a short time. Each bottle comes with a two month supply of capsules filled with a host of FDA-approved plant-derived ingredients.

In contrast to many skin care products, which are applied directly to the skin, Refining Nature decided to take a different approach to developing their anti-aging product. As such, the Phytoceramides supplement was created based on solid research surrounding aging. It was formulated based on scientific findings, which indicate that skin cells lose a hydrating nutrient called ceramides as they age. The product was therefore, developed to replace lost ceramides, along with a number of skin-beneficial ingredients, including vitamins A, C, D and E.

The additional ingredients in the supplement are all believed to support and complement the main ingredients, resulting in noticeable results in a short period of time. In fact, Refining Nature claims that the Phytoceramides plant-derived anti-aging supplement was able to remove fine lines and wrinkles in just 4 – 6 weeks with consistent use.

Since being released to online shoppers via Amazon, a number of customers have left positive comments in support of the claims. “I must say I’m pleasantly surprised by the results from using this for 2 weeks so far. My skin is definitely improving. My menopausal acne is almost gone and my face looks brighter with a more even tone. Don’t know if this was one of the benefits! Definitely less dry which means less wrinkling, said M. Scales in a verified Amazon review.

Additionally, Refining Nature has backed the product with a full money back guarantee in the event that users do not see the results in the time specified. Revitalizing Phytoceramides plant derived supplement from Refining Nature is currently available to all Amazon shoppers at a competitive price compared to other skin care products. Additional value is added to the product with a free eBook, which shoppers receive automatically with their purchase.

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Years ago, doctors discovered that getting plenty of sleep, avoiding direct sunlight and loading up on antioxidants helps you look younger. But now, there’s a brand new way to quickly erase deep facial wrinkles, fine lines and crows feet — without a touch of makeup.

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