Cleanup Stuff Launches Reusable Water Absorbent Socks

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( — March 25, 2015) Chino Hills, CA — The items come as part of a water absorbent kit, which is completed by four large water absorbent pads – called Sooker (pronounced soaker) pads.


Made of 100 percent poly filler, the product is recommended for drying up excess water in the event of flooding associated with storm conditions. It is also considered suitable for soaking up spills, water from melting snow, leaky basements and even emergency leaks from appliances such as washing machines and dishwashers. Additionally, by soaking up excess water that could spread out within rooms, the water absorbent socks also help to protect furniture and appliances from water damage.


The entire water absorbent kit is capable of absorbing a total of five gallons of water. Each of the flexible water absorbent socks measures 3 inches by 4 feet, while the Sooker pads are 8 inches wide by 18 inches long. They are both reusable and are easily washed using the washing machines, along with being quick-drying.


Cleanup Stuff’s water absorbent socks and Sooker pads are currently available on Amazon at a competitive list price when compared to similar products. It also holds an advantage over other products in its category in that it is 100 percent non-toxic and safe for use in all areas of the home. It is also made in the USA using high quality materials.

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