Emoyeni Launched a New Wine Saver That is an Airtight Alternative to Leaky Corks

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(Newswire.net — March 27, 2015) St Saviour, Jersey — The product, called the Wine Saver, is sold with a vacuum pump and wine stoppers, which provide an airtight seal that keeps wine fresh and eliminates the chance of leaks.


Many corks become damaged after a bottle of wine is opened for the first time or may just not fit the same. When a bottle of wine is not consumed fully after opening, storing the remainder may result in leaks. Additionally, trapped air may act on the contents and cause the wine to go bad in a very short time. As a result, the wine may be wasted in one of two ways –either from leaking out through the cork or from having to be discarded due to becoming spoiled.


The Wine Saver helps to prevent both eventualities by protecting both the wine’s integrity and content level. It works by way of a rubber wine stopper being used to replace the original cork, providing a leak-proof seal. The wine vacuum portion of the device is then attached to the stopper and used to pump out any excess air from the bottle, leaving just the wine. This mechanism ensures that the wine stays fresh for many more days than if it was covered with the original cork. It also ensures there are no leaks.


“I hate it when you leave wine and then can’t find something to put in the bottle. We have some of the cheap plastic tops but they stain and you can’t clean them very well but I love this. I saw it and it was a good price compared to others which I have seen. It is easy to use and sturdy and does not take up much room in the draw. Keeps wine fresh with no effort,” said David J. Crawford in a verified Amazon review of the wine stopper from Emoyeni.


Wine enthusiasts and other wine drinkers who want to escape the issues of leaky corks may consider the Wine Saver with wine stoppers. It is currently available on Amazon and are sold with a lifetime guarantee.

About Emoyeni

The wine saver set from Emoyeni is considered as an ideal accessory for bartenders to use to maintain the quality and taste of the wine they serve. The company is sure about the integrity of its product and has backed it with a full money back guarantee as a result.


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