New USB Hub Charger Designed to Match Latest Software Upgrades in Gadgets

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( — April 1, 2015) Beaverton, OR — Improved displays, advanced apps and faster CPUs are among upgrades that are common with each update of popular smartphone models and other gadgets. Advanced batteries that are designed to last longer also influence the power requirements of devices. As a result, some USB chargers may not be able to efficiently charge the latest devices if they are not designed to be used directly with the device.

Driven by a passion to provide great products, which are sustainable, safe and functional, Ezisoul developed their Ezicharge IC 5-port USB hub charger to keep up with the rapid changes with each updated USB device. Despite changes in power requirements with each model upgrade, the device can charge any USB device rapidly and effectively. It is able to do this by way of the intelligent charge technology it is engineered with. This technology allows the device to automatically measure the power requirements of gadgets and deliver the required amount accordingly.

Additionally, the multiport USB hub charger has a number of safety features, including over voltage and over temperature protection with auto recovery function. Shoppers who have reviewed the 5 port USB charger have left mostly favorable comments and five star ratings to express their satisfaction with the product.

Some have even praised the device for offering a more efficient charge than the original charger shipped with their gadget. “Very fast charge for my iPhone 6 plus. Usually it takes 8-10 hours charge my iPhone 6 plus to full battery with apple charger, also I can’t play it during the time of the charge, otherwise it won’t even charge. But with this charger, it’s easily charged to full battery in 4-5 hours plus I can play the phone during the charge. Thank you so much,” said Xin C. in a verified Amazon review of the USB hub charger from Ezisoul.

The USB hub charger from Ezisoul is currently available on Amazon and is sold with a full money back, 24-month warranty.

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