CERC Oil Tank Removal Discusses the Dangers of Oil Spills

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(Newswire.net — March 31, 2015) North Vancouver, BC — CERC Oil Tank Removal has been removing underground oil tanks for Vancouver-area homeowners for many years. Now, the experts at CERC discuss the dangers of leaving an oil tank in the ground and how a spill can affect the surrounding environment. Fabio Chesia, owner, also discusses the effects of weather on underground tanks in his latest video.

Mr. Chesia begins by pointing out the obvious sign of a residential underground oil tank: the fill pipe. Approximately two inches in diameter, this pipe may or may not have a cap. Without a cap, rain fills that pipe with water, pushing any residual oil up to the surface. “This is where we start to have a problem,” says Mr. Chesia. “Homeowners may see a purple-brown oil slick on the grass as oil leaks, or they may smell an oily smell near the pipe.”

Once a leak has happened, only removal of the tank and subsequent cleanup will solve the problem. Oil can kill the grass and seep into the groundwater, causing serious problems for the homeowner and surrounding homes as well. For more information on residential oil tank removal as seen at http://www.cerctankremoval.ca/oil-tank-removal-related-services/ or oil tank removal services as seen at http://www.cerctankremoval.ca, and to see the entire video, visit the CERC website.


About CERC Oil Tank Removal: CERC is a well-known and well-respected company serving customers in the Vancouver and Fraser Valley areas. The company takes pride in a strong commitment to being environmentally responsible while keeping the cost of tank removal, detection and leakage prevention affordable for today’s customers. With more than a decade of experience, CERC Oil Tank Removal has maintained an impeccable reputation for providing outstanding service to customers needing oil tanks removed. Safety is first and foremost when dealing with oil tank removal and
CERC ensures that tanks are removed safely and in accordance with environmental standards.


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