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( — April 1, 2015) Tampa Bay, FL — CEO Space is a business development group which combines positive motivational themes with advice from leaders in a variety of business fields was profiled on a video recently posted on YouTube. The video highlighted an interview in which Eve Hogan discussed Teen Feast, a special program launched by CEO Space International to help teens develop confidence, enhanced self-esteem and goal fulfillment. A number of young people who had participated in the program on Maui were interviewed making favorable comments about their experiences.

Tom Thomas, aged 17, indicated that his goals changed as a result of participating in the program. When he attended for the first time in 2010, he had not planned a direction for his career; now his goals include marketing a business enterprise.

Another young person who appeared in the video is Grace Hatton, the 18 year old entrepreneur who founded Miss Moxie, an online magazine for girls. She first attended a Teen Feast program at the age of 15 and believes that this experience assisted her business ventures. Since joining Teen Feast, she has become a published author, founded an on line magazine, and established a Board of Advisors. She now engages in the world of business.

Eve Hogan stated that she has found the experience of working as an instructor for Teen Feast very personally rewarding. Her career began as a school teacher. Today she is an entrepreneur, speaker and published author.

The names of the recording artists Master P & Cymphonique were listed on the video, along with many other widely acclaimed business leaders. The impressive roster of experts associated with CEO Space International events on the video includes: Bob Circosta, Harry Lay, Steven Meyers, Karla Dennis, Gerry Foster, Dr. David Gruder, Sherita Herring, Jacqueline J. Warner, Chris Collins, David Corbin, Vincent Molina, Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen.

Cymphonique Miller’s career as a recording artist vividly demonstrates the ability of teens to make a significant impact in many business fields. The daughter of Percy Robert Miller, known as “Master P”, she gained prominence in several music genres, including Rhythm and Blues, Pop and Hip Hop. Her music career involves vocal, piano and guitar performances. In addition to performing in several national tours, Cymphonique Miller has appeared in the role of Kacey Simon on How to Rock, a series carried by Nickelodeon. Her brother Romeo Miller has also participated in the music industry as “Lil’ Romeo”.



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