Flavor Fast Infuser Water Bottles Help To Keep Mother Earth Green

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(Newswire.net — April 6, 2015) Kansas City, MO — Throughout the years, a great contribution to the pollution of the environment is the amount of water bottles used daily.  The MSLK did a project in 2009 that showed that the United States consumed 1500 water bottles per second every day of which 80% end up in landfills.

Although some water bottles are recyclable, they include a harmful chemical that can affect the health.  The material used to line these water bottles leaches toxins into the water and cause health complications such as reproductive issues and cancer.  This harmful substance that is commonly used to line plastic bottles, tins and containers is called Bisphenol A (BPA).

Since the Environment Protection Agency (EPA) outlawed BPA as a risk to human health, Flavor Fast has stepped up to the plate to provide the nation with a set of infuser water bottle that is BPA-free and safe for the planet.

The bottles are not only healthy for use by adults and children alike but are also convenient alternatives for naturally flavored water.  They allow Americans to make their own flavor enriched water with fruits, vegetables or herbs, or even a combination without getting pulp and other sediments in the water.

The infuser water bottles are designed to be carried around to the gym, on a hiking trip, to work, school, or wherever without spilling or leaking.  They also feature a flip top cap with finger grips, making them easy and comfortable to use while on the go.

According to Flavor Fast, their Infuser Water Bottle is not only designed to keep Mother Earth green but also to keep wallets green.  The company announced that the water bottles are designed to eliminate the need for buying artificially flavored waters, sodas and zero calorie water and allow people to take great-tasting, healthy water with them wherever they go.

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