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( — April 6, 2015) Hanover, MA — Over the past decade, Lapels Dry Cleaning CEO Kevin Dubois has trained dozens of new and existing dry cleaning franchise owners. During that time, Entrepreneur magazine named Lapels Dry Cleaning one of the “Top 50 New Franchises”.  In Entrepreneurial Insanity in the Dry Cleaning Business, Dubois and co-author Roger McManus have created a road map for current and prospective dry cleaners to achieve a greater level of success in an industry that, arguably, has produced more millionaires than any other.

“What we’ve found in training Lapels Dry Cleaning franchise owners is there are certain skills you can learn to successfully run a dry cleaning business, regardless of what you previously have done,” said Dubois. “I always thought it would make for a good book. Fortunately, I met Roger and he agreed.”

Roger McManus is the author of Entrepreneurial Insanity: When Doing the Same Things Do Not Produce Different Results and co-author of Entrepreneurial Insanity in the Restaurant Business, Entrepreneurial Insanity in the Sign Business, and Entrepreneurial Insanity in the Tire Industry.

“Can your business operate without you being there or do you have to be on the clock 24/7? Many people dream of owning their own business but it ends up with the business owning them,” said McManus. “This book provides time-tested solutions on how to be a dry cleaning entrepreneur as opposed to a dry cleaning store owner—the book will show you the difference.”

Chapters include: Are You the Doer, the Overseer or the Entrepreneur?; What Are Your “Anti-Success” Forces?; What Should You Hire You to Do?; How Do You Pick a Winning Team?; If You Aren’t There, Who’s Watching “The Store”?; So, What Will You Do With All This Free Time?; I Understand It, but What Do I DO?; and more. 

Entrepreneurial Insanity in the Dry Cleaning Business is available in paperback and sells for $19.95. Entrepreneurial Insanity in the Dry Cleaning Business is also available as a Kindle book for $9.99.

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