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( — April 29, 2015) Houston, TEXAS— With its focus on offering superior products and top-quality customer support, DIY Pest Control Power offers do it yourself pest control products with support from real pest control experts for consumers. The company offers DIY pest control options to those who do not want traditional exterminators coming through their homes with antiquated chemicals and pesticides. In order to provide the best customer experience possible, DIY Pest Control Power has revamped their website based on feedback from their customers.


“We want our customers to have the best experience possible when visiting our website and purchasing our products,” said Calvin of DIY Pest Control Power. “We are always looking through feedback from real customers who are using our website and will continue to modify our website based on what they want. We want to give power to the people in many different ways. It starts with our website, but at our core is do it yourself pest control. With our focus on customer support, we always offer our customers advice from a real professional simply by calling our 800 number.”


Calvin went on to explain that the DIY Pest Control Power website is meant to be more than an online store selling pest control products. He said that the website is there to be a tool for customers who are looking for advice, tips or helpful information when dealing with different kinds of insects, including ants, roaches, spiders and even vermin such as mice or rats.


The pest control experts at this company also give advice and information through their blog which can be found on their website. Topics range from prevention of bed bugs to knowing how to handle termite baiting yourself. The company does this to help readers become better informed and more knowledgeable when handling pest control on their own in between professional visits. For example, the experts advise that the best way to handle an issue such as bed bugs is to opt for preventative pest control. When bed bugs have already infested a home, they recommend a bed bug heat treatment in order to destroy any bugs, larvae and eggs that have infested the home. This method is a highly effective way to remove bed bugs and helps customers avoid the emotional and financial strain caused by an infestation.


DIY Pest Control offers a number of products that give full pest control power to its customers. Bed bugs, for example, can be a nuisance to anyone who encounters them. The company offers Evergreen Pyrethrum Dust (a bed bug green treatment), Bedlam Plus for bedbugs and other DIY bed bug removal options. Customers can also get advice and support on how to get rid of bed bugs from a real expert and technician by calling (866) 542-9117.

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Calvin of DIY Pest Control Power said, “We are not like traditional exterminators ready to blast everything in their way with antiquated pesticides and chemicals. Combining technology and customer service, we are enablers.

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