SuperiorMaker Door Stop Provides Temporary and Permanent Solutions

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( — April 10, 2015) Albany, NY — The use of door stops may be of a temporary or permanent nature depending on the location of the door, along with the volume and type of traffic it accommodates.

Door stops are highly functional devices and come in a variety of shapes and designs. They help to keep doors open or prevent them from slamming against walls and jambs. As temporary solutions, they may be placed under doors when the door needs to be held open for a short period of time to provide suitable access to an area. A number of shoppers who used SuperiorMaker’s door stops referred to using them on a temporary basis with successful results. “These are great door stoppers and work great for propping doors open during patio parties,” said Tanya Tapia in a verified Amazon review.

This is an example of a temporary use of the door stops for wood floors and other surfaces. Several other customers who reviewed the door stops provided reasons for using them as more permanent solutions. In cases where doors handles often slam against walls and cause damages or where doors need to stay constantly open or closed to restrict or allow access, the door stops are considered just as suitable.

“My dog is constantly going in the basement getting into the litter box. These are great. I use 2 on one side of the door and 2 on the other to keep it propped open so the cat can go in and out but the dog can’t get down,” said Chloe2012, a satisfied customer who used the door stops for a more permanent purpose.

The door stops for wood surfaces from SuperiorMaker can be used on most other surfaces, including tile, concrete and carpet. Additionally, they can be used indoors or outdoors. They are currently available on Amazon and are sold with a lifetime replacement guarantee. Customers also receive two free eBooks with homecare tips.

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