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( — April 14, 2015) Steyning, West Sussex — 

5 years ago a lot went on in the life of UK entrepreneur Andy Shaw, who was unexpectedly left broke following the failure of the international banking system. He has openly stated on his blog site that on Dec 20th 2009 he was left broke owing millions to clients, according to the final creditors report. He added: “Prior to that, things had been pretty good, and I even had a possibility to sell 50 % of one business to a bank for something between 7 and 9 million pounds sterling.”

Prior to being made broke by his creditors, he says life from the outside world’s point of view before the credit crunch was good, but so good. He added: “I was very rich, though personally I never ever quite felt right with my life. Sure, being a success was nice, but there was something missing. I had previously been good at real estate investing, and had actually discovered a loop hole in the system for myself. Then we utilized it to make me, my family, friends, and customers, and then my friends a great deal of cash between 2002 & early 2008, but then all of it failed when the banks realized they’d over committed themselves, and all borrowing ceased.”

He continued to describe how the credit crunch had actually provided a real mess, and while the bankers who had actually triggered it off continued to be faceless, his business had actually been a much easier target at the time. He said: “Well, in December 2010 I was released from bankruptcy a year after it occurred. Then two years after the liquidation I was notified by the body that governs Limited Companies, that they intended to strike both me and my company partner off as Directors.”

Andy continued to discuss why he was so decided to contest the Company House report consisting of 37 reasons why he should never be a director again. He added: “Thankfully in my very first best seller book called “Money For Nothing And Your Property For Free,” I actually wrote that the only way for this model to fail, was if all the banks stopped lending money.” Eventually the Trustee from the commission found Andy had actually done nothing wrong, as the bankruptcy had actually been caused by a worldwide financial catastrophe.

The axed global real estate magnate didn’t waste time returning into the business world, and has recently been acclaimed by people from over 110 different countries for his contribution to the success mindset sector. According to Andy, his “Bug Free Mind Process” is laid out in 2 parts called “Creating A Bug Free Mind,” and “Using A Bug Free Mind,” and both developed to be the most reliable work ever produced on self improvement. He added: “A lot of books have actually been written on personal development with too few results.

The function of this system is to put a functional process into the hands of as many people as possible, and to provide them with the tools they require to deliver the life they desire. Currently countless individuals have begun using The Bug Free Process to change their lives for the better, and they all began by reading the first 5 chapters of A Bug Free Mind, which are freely available on the website.”





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