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(Newswire.net — April 16, 2015) Washington, D.C. – Investing a tax refund back into the home is a clever way of increasing its value and is likely to pay off in the future.  With many D.C. residents expecting a tax refund this year, reaching out to a Washington DC plumber could be the best decision made.

Many Americans look forward to their tax refund every year, but don’t always know how best to spend it. Plumbers 911 is offering ideas to put that money to the best possible use. By investing it back into your home, you can do more with your refund. A full remodeling project can set you back 10’s of thousands of dollars but by simply taking care of those long overdue repairs and upgrading some key fixtures you can add significant value to your home.

With the average U.S tax return coming in at $2,800.00 dollars, there are plenty of great options available including maybe a new hot water heater or some state-of-the-art kitchen fixtures. This tax season, Plumbers 911 Washington D.C. has the service technicians ready to assist residents with a whole range of exciting bathroom and kitchen upgrades!

Plumbers 911 Offers D.C. Residents Ideas on How to Invest Their Tax Refunds
When D.C. residents call Plumbers 911, they get more than emergency plumbing service. Calling Plumbers 911 gives D.C. area homeowners access to the best technicians in the state when it comes to the plumbing side of a remodel. Bathroom and kitchen fixture upgrades have been all the rage these past few years and they also happen to provide the best value for money when it comes to spending your tax refund dollar!

April, May and June are typically busy months for repairs and fixture upgrades as clients see the benefit in using tax refunds to finance those long overdue repairs and quality finishes. It is an efficient and effective way to increase the value and the enjoyment of the home. Since using a tax refund for home remodeling projects is such a good investment, many contractors are prepared to offer clients consultations with designers in order to make the experience more enjoyable. Plumbers 911 Washington D.C. works alongside a number of home renovation specialists as the “plumbing arm” during bathroom or kitchen remodeling of a client’s home.

Bathroom and Kitchen Renovations Have Largest Impact
Bathroom and kitchen renovations can have a major bearing on the price of a home. Home buyers are on the lookout for move-in-ready homes with the latest bathroom and kitchen fittings. On average, home buyers will always pay more for a move-in-ready place with modern bathrooms and state-of-the-art kitchens .It’s obvious that updating the bathroom and/or kitchen in your home is a first-rate investment! The best use of a tax refund we can think of anyway!

Plumbers 911 Washington D.C. is encouraging customers to call a renovation specialist and gauge their remodeling options today. Plumbers 911 come in during the upgrading to water-saving appliances, installation of fixtures and all other plumbing requirements for the kitchen or bathroom.

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Plumbers 911 provides residents with access to the best licensed, insured, experienced contractors from the Washington DC, northern Virginia, and southern Maryland areas. Call 877-74-LEAKS (877-745-3257) or visit the new website at WashingtonDC.Plumbers911.com. They are not just your 24/7 Emergency plumbing company but also want to be your first choice in renovation plumbing services.


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