Extract of Andy Shaw’s “Golden Book” Disclosed

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(Newswire.net — April 16, 2015) Steyning, West Sussex — Andy Shaw, best seller author of “Creating A Bug Free Mind,” just recently shared a tool with fans, which he asserts can be used for making the shift of the mind over to structured thinking in a lot easier fashion. He also said: “To be honest I should’ve spoken about this earlier, as it is among the easiest and most powerful tools I share daily with every student I have that’s learning the Bug Free Mind Process.”

According to Andy, the following extract has actually been taken straight from his structured thinking book called “Creating A Bug Free Mind”… “I will certainly remain here and not move away until my mind is truly fixed!” He also confessed to this very remark being made at his own particular point of change. He added: “While I was surrounding myself with all personal growth books, I decided that I needed to find simpler and quicker methods to soak up the material. I understood repeating was vital to absorbing it all in, but it was taking me too long to re-read books and listen to audio programs. The technique, which turned out to be particularly effective, was the one I call My Golden Book.”

He described that how it worked was that after he’d read, highlighted, read then re-read the details in each book or audio course, he would write out some of the text and where appropriate, alter it to his own new understanding of it. However, when he felt it was bang on, he would simply copy it word for word. He also said: “I didn’t write in this Golden Book everything that I had learned from any given book. I primarily concentrated on the things which I had yet to learn, or I knew I had to keep saying again and again to myself. Frequently they would simply be bullet points, however, it was when I was suddenly able to instantly get back to the mindset from the chapter of the book I had read, and that is essentially the secret to success.”

“Exactly what this meant in real terms to me was that I was able to get 95%+ of all of the advantages of reading multiple books and audio courses with around 5 – 30 minutes reading time,” stated Andy, who added: “So it was a smart investment of my time compiling all of that information! Now, bearing in mind I have consistently done things at warp speed, I understood I wanted this learning issue sorted, and fast. So I can not overemphasize the significance and the fantastic power which was found within my Golden Book. It literally bestowed its wisdom to me in an ultra-efficient way, meaning I could efficiently re-read some books 30 times and fully set up the appropriate way of thinking.”

Andy repeated that this was the single crucial innovative activity anyone can do, and the real reason why he developed his Golden Book. He continued to explain just how vital his golden book still was for him today. He said: “I have read my Golden Book countless times as it actually is so priceless to me. I read it as frequently as possible, and whenever I let myself feel low; my Golden Book goes with me all over the world, even when I am away for a few days.” More info about the Andy Shaw structured thinking system called “Creating A Bug Free Mind,” can be discovered on the official website, where there is additionally a way to get the first 5 chapters, without any charge whatsoever.