Kickstarter Relaunches Anticipated Sci-Fi Board Game on April 21

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Shadowstar Corsairs Game Set-Up

( — April 20, 2015) Pittsburgh, PA — Ryan Wolfe, creator of the Future Armada line of starship designs, uses his setting and ships as the foundation for a board game called Shadowstar Corsairs.

In the game, players are independent starship captains who must either outmaneuver or outgun rival captains by deploying crew and cargo shuttles to secure strategic positions and harvest vital resources.  Ship upgrades, lost technology, politics, conflicts and contracts, all increase the player’s reputation in the galaxy, allowing domination of the Shadowstar Expanse.

Following improvements suggested by fans on, Wolfe is relaunching his board game.  The result is a better overall product.  The first launch had an optimistic goal of $95,000, namely because of PandaGM’s manufacturing criteria.  A different production company was secured for the relaunch, which split the overall funding goal by more than half, to just under $40,000; due largely in part to a smaller production run.

This Kickstarter board game campaign has several stretch goals already planned, including painted miniatures, eight player ships, five-player support, and the ultimate Flagship Expansion with large ship miniatures.

For over ten years, Ryan has created, published and manufactured his deck plans and miniatures for role-players worldwide as 0-hr [zero hour] art & technology.  “I’ve been lucky to work on many awesome pen-n-paper projects like Serenity and Battlestar Galactica RPGs,” said Ryan.  “[Shadowstar Corsairs] is my dream game…firmly grounded through long work and excellent feedback.  I love games like Merchants and Marauders and Firefly, but wanted more.  I want the ships to be part of something larger.”

To follow the funding (and the stretch goals), check the updates on Facebook, Twitter and/or Kickstarter.

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