Legal Runners Announces New Legal Support Services Job Portal in Chicago

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( — April 22, 2015) Chicago, IL— Since 2003, Legal Runners, Inc., has been providing city, county, state and federal support services to lawyers, attorneys, title companies, real estate agents, real estate professionals and law firms throughout the Chicago area. The company, known for being a one-stop-shop for all legal clerking and real estate needs, is now introducing Legal Runner’s Web-Based Job Portal (LRI) to allow for easy order creation and real-time tracking.
“The LRI Portal allows you to submit and track all your jobs online”, explained Bob O’Connell, founder of Legal Runners Inc. “With constantly added features, we are determined to make the most innovative and customer-focused system within the legal industry.”
O’Connell went on to explain that the LRI Portal was designed to give clients the easiest and most efficient way to order a service, stay informed of any problems and keep a complete detailed history with any correspondence and documents. One-time registration is required to use the LRI Portal, however, registration only takes a few minutes.
“The LRI Portal is the most advanced legal servicing system available to attorneys and lawyers today,” O’Connell added. “Real-time tracking offers users confidence in knowing the status of their order is available any time, and if any issues arise they are notified immediately. Clients taking advantage of our portal will be able to work more efficiently and have more peace of mind from a partner they can trust for both quality and timely service.”
The company offers legal support services such as court calls, court related filings, expediting of building permits, mobile notary and closing services, secretary of state and title search services. Once registered, clients are able to use the LRI Portal to order Chicago legal clerking services from anywhere offering internet access.
Legal Runners offers clerking services in Chicago, IL for both large and small firms. Larger firms can look to a partnership with Legal Runners as a way to help things continue to move smoothly on all matters, especially those that are most time-sensitive. Small firms will have their capabilities and resources expanded, allowing them to grow their client base and size of the firm.
City and county real estate services offered by Legal Runners includes water certification, judicial sales deed, water account inquiry, zoning certification, tax bill payment, estimate of redemption, tax declaration and more.
Legal Runners, Inc. was officially incorporated by Bob O’Connell in March of 2003. Throughout his years of working with his father, O’Connell learned how crucial proper business support is when improving a law practice. He was able to offer his experience, systems and services to other practitioners facing similar circumstances, eventually expanding his client base by improving his own systems to be able to organize, track and process jobs efficiently.

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