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( — April 28, 2015) Saratoga, FL — These math flash cards moved from #128 spot on page 8 to number #36 on page 3 when searching for “math flash cards” within Moving ranking within Amazon can be a very difficult task, especially in a competitive nice.  Although this can be difficult, it is not surprising these math flash cards by Simply Clever Cards have accomplished this feat due to the fact that it is a very high quality product and earning more and more rave reviews.

There is a ranking system within that uses different factors to rank their products. These factors include seller performance, product satisfaction and quantity of sales. Amazon then takes all of those factors into consideration and then determines the ranking of the products. This ranking continutes to change and get updated as the variables change with the specific products.  The ranking system has proven to be very beneficial to buyers because they help buyers make better buying decisions .

“We worked very hard with the development of these math flash cards, therefore we are very pleased with how quickly our rankings are improving. Our goal with these math flash cards is to make learning fun, yet challenging for kids trying to develop and master their math skills” says Amy C Winsome, a company representative from Simply Clever Cards.

Based on user reviews, Simply Clever Cards has a 4.6 out of 5 star rating.

“I got this set of math flash cards for my cousins son who is eight, and he really likes these! They are very colorful, and they really engage him! He had such a sense of accomplishment when he got the answers right, and had the chance to show what he knew! This is a great gift for any school aged child!  “Said Pukanecz, a happy customer.

Some of the characteristics of these math flash cards that stand them apart from others is that they are much more than just flash cards. These cards are designed to keep learning interesting and fun with a variety of cool math games. The use of the cards will help develop many learning skills such as critical thinking, decision making and problem solving.  

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We help you understand boring and difficult topics by playing entertaining games. Our NEXT GENERATION EDUCATIONAL CARDS ™ combine the benefits of traditional flash cards with ordinary playing cards. Simply Clever Cards™ staff have 15 years’ experience with developing exciting learning approaches online and offline – based on educational research and tested in many countries, languages and cultures.

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