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( — April 28, 2015) Huntington Beach, CA — Perry Belcher is a web marketing expert who has been successfully promoting businesses for many years and teaching owners how to rebrand themselves for the highest potential. Now, Belcher is addressing the issue of non-profit organizations and how they are different from for-profit ventures, requiring a different branding strategy.


“One way to build brand recognition for non-profits is to hold a public event,” says Belcher at “For example, The Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation held an annual Tournament which features hot subs, face painting and bounce houses for children, and tennis matches played by professional players.”

According to Belcher, Firehouse Subs has touched into a very basic tenet of its foundation: firefighters and their relationship to their community. Their Public Safety Foundation carries that same brand of neighborhood friendliness into its promotions, tying together the loyalty people feel to their local firehouses with the push to raise funds for a worthy cause.

Other companies, such as Dickey’s Barbecue Pit, choose a brand identity that meshes with the owner’s history. Travis Dickey was a World War II veteran and the company’s non-profit efforts all deal with veteran’s issues. In addition, the company carries that idea over into its for-profit policies, including the one that offers veterans a 33 percent discount on franchises.

According to Belcher, “People relate more to a message when you can link it to a cause that they care about. Non-profits have the perfect opportunity to link their for-profit brands to worthy efforts that people will remember long after other ad campaigns are forgotten.”

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