Attorney Arthur Blutter Discusses Benefits of Reducing Debt without Bankruptcy

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( — April 29, 2015) Plainview, NY — Attorney Arthur Blutter discusses the many benefits of reducing debt without declaring bankruptcy. He explains that bankruptcy can be an effective way to eliminate debt. However, it also offers many drawbacks that one could avoid by pursuing other means of eliminating debt. Consolidating debts is one option that allows the debtor to reorganize their many debts into one payment. This options offers many pros including protecting credit rating and access to credit. The debtor will also be able to simplify debt management and even lower their interest rate and monthly payments.

Bankruptcy offers a way to eliminate debt through several options. The two most common options are Chapter 7 and Chapter 13. While both will eliminate debt, they offer many drawbacks including a negative impact on credit rating. A bankruptcy will display on the debtors credit report for ten years, lowering their credit score and making it difficult to secure loans or credit. Those who file for bankruptcy can also face property loss and invasion of privacy. For example, those who file for bankruptcy have their records made available online to subscribers. They will also face the long-term consequences of bankruptcy, such as court imposed restrictions and judgements.


Because of these many drawbacks, Attorney Arthur Blutter recommends that bankruptcy be a last resort for debt relief. There are many other options, including debt reorganization, which can be attempted first before resorting to bankruptcy. Blutter & Blutter as seen at is a law firm that specializes in aiding clients who are being crushed under a mountain of debt. This law team can help clients determine the best options for their specific situation and gain relief from crushing debt. For more information on debt relief through Blutter & Blutter, visit


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