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( — May 2, 2015) Austin, Texas — For many years, Roland Frasier has been noted as a “true Titan” of the Internet marketing pantheon.  As an owner and principal of Digital Marketer, Frasier has helped to craft some of the most cutting-edge and promotional strategies available for businesses of all types to help them grow and market their products.  At 18, Frasier became a real estate salesman; today, as the CEO of five different companies, he helps businesses market their brands and themselves most effectively.  To this end, Frasier recently held a webinar on the topic of driving Internet traffic to sites using the best practices available with today’s SEO-centric models.

The webinar was held on April 28, 2015, via SemRush.  During the webinar, Frasier not only gave advice on building stronger websites and social media accounts but also shared little-known secrets about how to make content viral and how to ensure that users were engaged.  For example, one tip that Frasier shared was that all content should be divided into types and every piece of content written should adhere to one of these categories in definite proportions.  “You should be writing 20 percent of your content on evergreen subjects and 20 percent on trendy topics, not one or the other,” notes Frasier.

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About Roland Frasier: Specializing in negotiation, copywriting, marketing strategies, mergers, acquisitions and exit strategies, Roland Frasier is one of the principals of Idea Incubator and Digital Marketer. 

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