Heaven’s Family Sends Disaster Reflief Aid to Nepal

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(Newswire.net — May 4, 2015)  Pittsburgh, PA — Last month more than 7,000 people were killed in the tragic 7.8 earthquake in Nepal.  This disaster has created hundreds of widows, orphans, and others that desperately need the help of people around the world. 

Heaven’s Family, a Christian ministry out of Pittsburgh, has sent Jeff Trotter to meet with their partners in Kathmandu.  Jeff will be traveling to outlying villages where large aid organizations are not presently working to assist with villages that one of their partners told them has been “fully destroyed,” forcing everyone to sleep outside.

In a recent email sent to supporters of Heaven’s Family the day before he left, Jeff states, “We are extremely grateful for those of you who have already contributed to Nepal relief, but much more will be needed to help our Nepalese brothers and sisters in Christ survive this crisis and rebuild there lives. If you haven’t yet given and would like to, please click here.  I’d appreciate your prayers for safety and effective ministry in Nepal. As time and internet access allows, I hope to blog during my trip so that you can see what your prayers and gifts are accomplishing.”

Jesus told His followers that, if they truly loved Him, they would love each other. And He told His followers about a special group among them who should be given special attention. He called them the “least of these My brethren.” He defined them as those among His spiritual family who are in great need, such as the hungry, thirsty, sick, those in need of clothing or shelter, or those in prison (see Matthew 25:31-46).  It’s evident the people of Nepal need help, and that help can only come from people that care enough to set their own desires aside long enough to put others first.  Anyone can be part of the disaster relief efforts in Nepal with even the smallest donation.  Anyone giving to any of the focused funds in Heaven’s Family can rest assured that 100% of the money donated will go the people in need.

For anyone interested in giving to the Disaster Relief Fund please follow this link: https://www.heavensfamily.org/disaster-relief.

About: Heaven’s Family is a Christian based ministry that was started by David Servant combining the efforts of many other Christians to provide a variety of focused funds that people can donate to.  The ministry organization of Heaven’s Family is simply a means through which Jesus’ world-wide family members love each other. Those of us who are entrusted by God with more are enabled, through Heaven’s Family, to meet the very pressing needs of our family members around the world. That is why our tag line is, “Your love-link to the least of these.” Heaven’s Family consists not only of our ministry staff, but also every contributor and beneficiary.