AdamsComm, Inc. Launches Maintenance Program

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( — May 5, 2015)  — Even in the Internet age, the telephone remains the primary tool for doing business for many small businesses and companies. In fact, for many of these companies, no phone service can literally mean no business. To better serve those companies, AdamsComm, Inc, providers of sophisticated and easy-to-use IP telephone systems, recently announced a maintenance program for both its current customers and companies that utilize phone systems from other vendors. 

“Phone systems are like automobiles. If you drive them, they are going to need an oil change and other service periodically to operate at peak efficiency. Otherwise, the car will be in the shop,” said John Adams, president of AdamsComm, Inc. “The only difference being you can always get a rental car. With a phone system, if you are down for any length of time it can mean lost business.” 

AdamsComm, Inc.’s maintenance program includes regular system and program updates, system monitoring, virus protection and other preventative measures. The maintenance can be set up to fit the needs of the company and the system. 

“One of the larger issues in the telecommunications industry right now is phone hackers. That’s where people hack into your phone system and then utilize your phone system to make international calls—even using your phone number for international phone cards,” said Adams. “By putting a maintenance program into place, you further protect yourself from hackers and scam artists.” 

The cost of AdamsComm, Inc. maintenance plans start at $50 a month. 

AdamsComm offers customized design, implementation and support of IP telephone systems and applications, voice mail systems, call centers and infrastructure cabling for small-to-mid-sized businesses. This service includes steps to prevent hackers from breaking into your phone system. AdamsComm, Inc. also provides a free audit of phone systems for non-clients. The company has provided effective communications solutions to over 500 clients including Mutual Bank, Emerald Physicians and Rising Tide Charter Schools. 

Located at 128 Main Street, Suite 11, in Carver, Massachusetts, AdamsComm, Inc. serves clients on the South Shore, Cape Cod, Greater Boston, and Metrowest. In addition to 24/7 on-call service, Adams can be onsite, as needed, within four hours. 

For more information on AdamsComm, Inc.’s services, you can call 508-866-4086 or visit