Chuck Norris Slammed US-Soil Military Drills

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( — May 5, 2015)  — A major US military exercise, codenamed ‘Jade Helm 15’ is scheduled to commence on July 15 and last for eight weeks. Large-scale US Special Forces exercise includes up to 1,200 SEAL, Green Berets and other roughnecks participating in training missions in towns in Arizona, California, Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada, Texas and Utah. The military operation has raised a lot’s of eyebrows.

75-year-old action-movies star Chuck Norris joined recently an army of voices that strongly oppose the Pentagons move.   

“To those who merely think we should check our brains at the door of the White House and trust what the government does, I would reiterate to you the words of one of our government’s primary founders, Benjamin Franklin, who said, ‘Distrust and caution are the parents of security,’” Chuck Norris wrote in his column at the conservative website WorldNetDaily.

Citing US government which said it is “only a training exercise,” the award-winning martial artist and the star of ‘Walker, Texas Ranger’ puts under question all those who “are pulling the strings at the top of Jade Helm 15 back in Washington.”

“The US government says, ‘It’s just a training exercise.’ But I’m not sure the term ‘just’ has any reference to reality when the government uses it,” Norris noted.

Allegedly, Norris was aggravated because the looming exercises comes too near to his ranch’s backdoor, and we all know Chuck Norris is not a person who one should mess with, even if one has the most elite US troops behind.

“It’s pretty sad and bad when major military ops are ordered in a large, fiery state like Texas and not even the governor or its senators know the specifics,” Chuck Norris added.

Reportedly, Texas governor US Senator Ted Cruz had contacted the Pentagon about Jade Helm 15.

“I’m glad … Ted Cruz is asking the tough questions of the Pentagon,” Norris wrapped up, adding that “We must never blindly trust, especially the government.”