Mama Smith Approves Keshima Makeup Brushes As The Perfect Full Set Brushes

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( — May 7, 2015) Las Vegas, NV — Mama Smith finds the brushes to be high quality and recommended them as perfect gifts for any occasion, especially Mother’s Day.

Stay at home mom and owner of the Mama Smith blog, Tessa, highlighted the set of makeup brushes from Keshima as the perfect full set that helped her to get back on her feet when she got back into using makeup.  Tessa admitted that in her search for a new set of brushes she tried other brands and only found comfort in the Keshima Makeup brush set.  

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This particular makeup brush set featured by Mama Smith includes six professional brushes for each makeup item.  The Keshima Makeup Brush Set consists of an Angled Blush Contour Brush, a Blending Brush, a Powder Brush, an Eye Shadow Brush, an Eyeliner Brush, and a Flat Top Kabuki Brush, which is said to be ideal for applying foundation.  It also features a sturdy leather brush holder that keeps the brushes safe and protected during storage.

According to Tessa, the Keshima makeup brush set is made of high quality materials that feel soft on her skin without causing irritation.  “The makeup brushes are very soft on my face and there is no shedding, meaning they are durable and long lasting!” she shared.

Tessa emphasized that the hairs on the brushes are proven to be of the highest quality since they do not shed easily.  “These brushes truly are makeup artist quality,” Tessa wrote.  “For each brush, the best suited and highest quality bristle materials have been chosen – they are made from AAA synthetic hair or AAA cruelty-free natural animal hair – soft yet dense, comfortable on your face and non-irritating.”

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