Women’s Garden Gloves Featured in 2015 Gardening Must-Have Guide

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(Newswire.net — May 7, 2015) Sanford, FL — With spring finally here, avid gardeners are excited to start spending time in their gardens. Women who love to have their own flowers, herb or vegetable gardens usually take advantage of the warmth of spring for this reason, whether in their backyard or in small pots.  Coming out of the cold of winter, many plants thrive in the spring season thus making it a perfect time for gardening.

For maintaining, decorating and protect their gardens, the popular blog, “Woman and their Pretties” provides frequent recommendations for avid gardeners.  The women’s blog featured Monika’s Marketplace’s women’s gardening gloves  in a recent post in the Pretties Gardening Series: Garden Tools and Decorations.  In this post, blog owner Joyce Duboise shared two items in a list she hoped would be helpful for her readers’ shopping needs. 

Along with a garden gnome she found to be adorable which she believes help to guard her cucumbers, Duboise suggested that women who engage in gardening should use a reliable set of garden gloves such as the ones by Monika’s Marketplace.

Before using garden gloves, Duboise admitted that her garden session would end with dirty hands, cuts, and horrible fingernails.  In her search, Duboise found that the set of garden gloves by Monika’s Marketplace can enhance the gardening experience by eliminating these mishaps and discomfort. 

The “cute garden gloves” includes three pairs of breathable nylon gloves coated with nitrile.  Available in distinct colors and design, the garden gloves appeal to the female specimen effortlessly.  “I’ve wanted cute gardening gloves for a while now, so when I saw this cute 3 pack of gloves I thought I’d give it a try,” said Duboise.

“I love the way these gloves feel.  I thought they would feel more like rubber, but they are very soft.   They fit comfortably too. The nitrile coating protects you from cuts and scrapes, which is definitely a need when gardening.  Also, the coating doesn’t absorb any moist dirt.  After a full gardening session, my hands are still nice and clean.  These are easy to clean too.  Clean them by hand and hang them to dry and you’re good to go!  They really are made for women’s hands too.  They are thin and really a great fit,” she expressed.

Women who love gardening can tune into this blog for more ideas and tips.  This feature and other gardening tips from the Pretties Gardening Series by Duboise can be found on WomenAndTheirPretties.net.

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Monika’s Marketplace is a company that prides itself in high quality, practical, and affordable gardening tools for both recreational and serious gardeners. Their women’s gardening gloves can be found on Amazon.com.

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