Freddie and Sebbie Car Seat Protector Passes 250 Customer Reviews Milestone

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( — May 7, 2015) Las Vegas, NV — Freddie and Sebbie develops products to very high standards, as they believe in giving the best to its customers. Neil Speight, main representative of Freddie and Sebbie, stated, “Freddie and Sebbie was recently established in 2013 by my brother Martin and I, who do in fact have 6 kids between us, including my baby twins, Freddie and Sebbie. We were both finding it was difficult to find quality car accessories to stop the children from getting the car seats stained or just to prevent the car from being left in a horrible mess. So we put our heads together to form a business that provided beneficial choices for moms and dads who wanted to to keep their cars organized, and to prevent scuff marks and stains being left by children on the car seat, stains and scuff marks that are costly to remove”.


Freddie and Sebbie’s luxury automobile seat protectors keep fabric or leather back seats free from dirt left by children’s feet, spills or spots. Equipped with an incredibly anti-abrasion and anti-slip backing to prevent the baby’s car seat from slipping, moms and dads are assured that their child is safe. The Luxury Automobile Seat Protectors is made to really high standards, making it youngster friendly, simple to set up and incredibly long lasting. It is specially designed to fit around a seat belt, and it is simple to move, should it need to be changed to fit around a different seat.


Designed to accommodate most cars, this multipurpose mat keeps the car’s interior uncluttered and clean at all times. Some individuals complain that the appearance of some seat protectors eliminate the aesthetic appeal of the vehicle, but the Freddie and Sebbie luxury automobile seat protectors features an appealing design, whilst protecting your car interiors and seats. It is made from a resistant non-skid material to prevent slipping, and it can be wiped clean with a moist cloth. It additionally has 2 mesh pockets for keeping bottles, toys and other travel essentials, to keep your interiors tidy. The car seat protector has received fantastic reviews from clients since its release, including Amazon client Larry Weingartner, who shared, “We are impressed! After buying a car with cloth seats we were nervous, but this really has solved our dirty seat problems! The cover wraps around the bottom of the seat, so no more yelling at the kids for having their feet on the seat backs!”


Our luxury auto seat protectors additionally includes a free lifetime no-hassle replacement guarantee, and you can take advantage of Freddie and Sebbie Free Super Saver Shipping if you spend $35 or more on Freddie and Sebbie accessories on the Marketplace. For more information about the Freddie and Sebbie Luxury Vehicle Seat Protectors and read a few of the 250 confirmed client reviews on this product, or to find out more about their other budget friendly baby items available, just visit the official Freddie and Sebbie Amazon store.


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