Vernon Litigation Group Files Claim Against Cuso Financial Services

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( — May 8, 2015) Naples, Florida — Investor’s rights attorneys Vernon Litigation Group have filed an arbitration claim against Cuso Financial Services  for the wrongful endorsement and sale of a real-estate investment (Cole) to clients of the credit union through Cuso Advisor Eric O. Shanks, who had an office at the site of the Credit Union. 


According to the claim, Cuso advisor Shanks offered the investor an opportunity to liquidate CD’s without penalty to purchase a real estate related investment (Cole) through Cuso Financial Services.  The claim also asserts that Cuso Advisor Shanks failed to advise the investor that the investment was speculative, and did not have any of the characteristics of a CD. Additionally, the FINRA Claim filed by Vernon Litigation Group asserts that the concentration in Cole overall was also unsuitable.  Cuso Financial Services and its broker, Eric O. Shanks violated FINRA conduct rules, breached their fiduciary duties, were negligent, and Cuso failed to properly supervise Shanks according the the FINRA Claim. 


The investor’s rights attorneys at Vernon Litigation Group continue to represent investors across the country who have suffered considerable losses from alternative investments, such as Hedge Funds, Structured Products such as V10, and non-traded REITs such as Inland and Behringer Harvard. As a veteran of many securities claims and cases, the attorneys of Vernon Litigation Group recommend you to contact them if you are concerned about your investments with Cuso, Cuso financial advisor Shanks,  or other investments or the circumstances under which any significant investments were offered and sold to you by any financial institution or financial advisor.  Call Vernon Litigation Group toll-free at 1 (877) 649-5394. 

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