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( — May 9, 2015) Tampa, Florida — This past April experienced over 5,500 exhibiters grabbing floor space to demonstrate their products.  It seems that the glass screen protectors for iPhone 6 and 6 Pluses dominated much of the dedicated cellphone accessory areas.  The technology of the glass protectors has overtaken the plastic PET covers that are cheaper to buy, providing much less protection and functionality that iPhone users desire.  Smudges, fingerprints, and scratches are some of the benefits that glass protectors provide, since glass is more durable and clearer in visibility.  Companies like Corning and Asahi are the leading manufacturers of this glass that they deliver in large sheets that are then sent to glass screen factories who custom cut the screens to fit the phones. 

Additionally, the best quality glass screen protectors provide five layers.  They are: 1. Nano coating- this is for anti-oil, water, scratch, and fingerprints  2. Japanese glass  3. OCE- the glue material  4. PT film- anti explosion film  5. AB glue (this attaches the glass screen to the phone).  In order to truly benefit from the screen protector, the material must be hard enough to withstand significant impact from shattering the original glass screen of the phone itself.  It must also be thin enough to have sensitivity for touch screen usage, while also clear visibility.     

Multi-functional screen protectors also offer other specific benefits, depending on the needs of the user.  For example, cyber security has become a popular means of cell phone theft.  With such dependency upon information stored in cell phones like financial account information and security logins and passwords, privacy screens have been devised to prevent errant glances over the shoulder where such glances can steal information.  Radiation protection has also become popular as cell phones have always been known to emit dangerous transmissions.  Anti-blue light, similarly prevents the effects of LED impact on one’s eyes and overall health.   

As technological advances progress, it has become ever important to safeguard one’s self from any adverse effects that have become an offshoot or byproduct of such advances.  We can never be too safe from harm’s way and the electronics field seems to be well equipped to handle and address such problems.  Speed and capacity are always in the forefront of development.  Environmental concerns are also making a global impact as materials that can be safely discarded without harming the earth, always find an audience of demand.  Contact Trusted Quality Product for more information on iPhone 6 and 6 Plus Glass Screen Protectors: (866) 907-2978

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