Terrorist Attack in Macedonia a Continuation of ‘Greater Albania’ Project

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(Newswire.net — May 10, 2015)  — Western mainstream news networks reported a terrorist attacks in Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYRM), when a large group of heavily armed Albanians attacked a police station in Kumanovo, FYR Macedonia, killing 5 and injuring 30 police officers.

Macedonian authorities said that eight more anti-terrorist police members and about twelve KLA terrorists were killed in clashes that ended Sunday afternoon with arrests of remaining KLA terrorists. Amid fighting in the Macedonian town Kumanovo, more than 700 civilians fled to neighboring Serbia.

Recognizing the scenario, Serbian military and the police are on the highest alert reinforcing the border of Macedonia, Serbian government officials told the media on Sunday.

BBC News reported earlier that at least five police officers have been killed and dozens injured in clashes in Macedonia near the Serbian-Kosovan border. BBC reported that the Macedonian police were attacked by ‘unidentified gunmen,’ however, the ‘Kosovo Liberation Army’ (KLA) claimed responsibility for the attacks.

KLA is a militant organization of Kosovo Albanians, Islam extremits, formed in the Serbian southern province in order to fight for independence from Serbia. Since its foundation, the KLA has been on the world’s list of terrorist organizations spreading terror across the Balkan countries, often fighting among themselves for power.

Former US president Bill Clinton’s administration deleted KLA from the list of world’s terrorist organizations amid plans to attack Serbia, which made KLA fighters valuable allays on the ground. After NATO helped Kosovo unilaterally declare independency, KLA leaders became politicians still fighting among themselves, only now for political power. Some KLA fighters later joined ISIS.

The US has built on the Kosovo ‘Bondsteel’ the largest US military camp in Europe. The Pentagon has been criticized for using the base as a detention facility, and for the conditions faced by the detainees there. In November 2005, Alvaro Gil-Robles, the human rights envoy of the Council of Europe, described the camp as a “smaller version of Guantanamo”.

Ex KLA fighters, now distinguish politicians along with the Albanian president claim Kosovo was only the first step in the project called ‘Greater Albania’. The project flamed in FYR Macedonia when KLA fighters attacked the police station.

While Western media mainly reported the attacks on Macedonian Police as an isolated incident, it was in fact well coordinated within the ‘Greater Albania’ project, sponsored by the US, which states that all Albanians in the region should live in one ‘greater’ Albania. The project claims the regions of neighboring states including Kosovo and the Presevo Valley of Serbia, territories in southern Montenegro, northwestern Greece and a part of the western Republic of Macedonia.

Croatian expert on geo-politics, Dr. Polovic joined the experts claiming that ‘Greater Albania’ is not only a project sponsored by the US government, but it originated in CIA headquarters in Langley, rather than in Albania.  

“The American project of creating the greater Albania is slowly realizing by diplomatic and military means for several decades now,” DR. Polovic told Croatian newspaper Free Dalmatia, adding that the project started with the bombing of Serbia in 1999, followed by the deployment of 50.000 US troops in Kosovo.

According to Dr. Polovic, ‘Greater Albania’ is actually the project of establishing the US domination over Euro-Asia, securing the transit for NATO troops and energents, from Western Europe to the Middle East and back.

“Balkan always had significant geo-strategical, geo–economical thus geo-political role that determine the future of the whole region,” Dr. Polovic told Free Dalmatia.

The attack by KLA fighters in FYR Macedonia was not an isolated incident, but merely the continuation of the ‘Greater Albania’ project that was prepared back in 2001 when the US government forced the Macedonian government to sign the ‘Ohrid Agreement.” The agreement, signed at a resort on Lake Ohrid at the Macedonan-Albanian border, recognizes Albania as a constitutional entity, adding the Albanian language as the co-official language in the country, even though the Albanian minority count is around 25 percent of the population in Macedonia.