Ice Cream Scoop Versatile 3-Piece Set Featured As Kitchen A Must-Have In Mothers’ Day Gift

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( — May 11, 2015) Purcellville, VA — The set includes 3 versatile utensils that can be used to do multiple things around the kitchen.

The widely read parent blog, From Downriver To Downright Country has provided its readers with a chef quality kitchen utensil that can create much fun in the kitchen with ease.  The blog raved that the ice cream scoop set by Jenaluca is a must have for the kitchen.

This ice cream scoop set by Jenaluca includes 3 scoops of varying sizes, thus making them versatile enough to unleash the creativity while preparing meals or snacks.  The utensil can be used to scoop ice cream, cookie dough, sorbet, fruits, meatballs, cupcakes, mashed potatoes and just about anything ‘scoopable’ to create a professionally round shape.

The set of stainless steel ice cream scoop has a deliberate ergonomic design that makes it easy for children or people with joint issues to use.  Compared to typical ice cream scoops which usually contain springs, the 3-piece scoop by Jenaluca features an innovative cog-and-ratchet system which is used in freewheel technology.  The company announced that the scoop is easy to maneuver and requires little effort and strains on the hand or wrist.  Additionally, according to the company, whether someone uses their left or right hand dominantly the scoop grips comfortably.

According to the From Downriver To Downright Country blog, the 3-piece Jenaluca ice cream scoop is a versatile utensil that anyone can become obsessed with.  These versatile scoopers will be your new kitchen necessity and obsession!” Taryn, owner of the blog, exclaimed.

“Whether you are scooping ice cream, cookie dough or trying to ball some melons, these scoops are both fantastic and easy to use. I am beyond impressed with these lovelies.  They succeeded every expectation I had.  I actually try to find excuses just to use them in some sort every day!  I love them!” she continued.

With mother’s day just a couple days away, Taryn shared, “I highly recommend everyone to purchase a set.  There is no way you’ll regret it!”

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