Increased Severe Neck & Shoulder Pain Due to Mouse Use

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( — May 14, 2015) Darien, CT Most of us are spending more time on a computer. Yes, we are also on the hand-held devices even more these days. However, I am speaking to the desktop people who use a mouse. That amazing tool that lets us zip through our work or play while seated in front of a computer that is ever present in our lives.

There is no way to get around using this tool. You may started to notice that your neck is uncomfortable? Maybe it is due to stress? Did you notice that if you are right handed that your left side of the neck near the shoulder is becoming tighter and tighter?

Let me clue you in on why. The right hand is usually extended away from the body during mouse usage. Please note that if you are left handed the likelihood is that your right side of your neck will hurt instead. For illustration purposes we will discuss the right handed person’s malady. 

The arm being extended away creates physical stress on the the oppositeside that has to stabilize the arm extension and movement. What would happen if you went to the gym and only did biceps curls on one arm? That arm would get bigger due to increased muscle activity correct? 

Mouse usage, because it is being done more often is causing an imbalance of the small neck and shoulder muscles on the side opposite the dominant hand. As a chiropractor, I am seeing more cases of this every day. Simple medications will ease the pain temporarily but will not correct the imbalance that is causing the muscles to spasm. A pain cycle ensues with a worsening condition, we don’t want that.

Here is a simple solution. As self serving as it is you will need to see a chiropractor. The role of the chiropractor is to release the bone in the lower neck causing the nerve to be blocked. The blocked spinal bone will have bound up connective tissue surrounding it, That tissue will need to be addressed by massage supported by Cold Laser Therapy.

The solution does not stop there. Start to understand that you need to take a break from the computer. Years ago people would have the phone to their ear all day long at work. That caused some serious neck and shoulder problems. The problem is similiar, it just comes from a different source.

 Yes it is stress. A physical stress caused by unbalanced physical demands placed on the body over long periods of time. The body while mechanical in nature will give out. You need to care for it. My suggestion would be to get a baseball or lacrosse ball and leave it at your desk. When you are not using your mouse hand grab the ball and raise your left arm. Move it around freely. Bring your left arm over your head just keep the mouse hand neutral. The mouse arm gets enough work leave it alone.

Leave the ball right in front of your screen so you will see it. This will help balance your spine out after you get the pressure relieved by seeing your chiropractor.

One point to leave you with is that the condition you have will be chronic as long as you use the mouse frequently. It is your problem to manage. Regular exercise, regular breaks from the computer. It may benefit you to buy a headset to further relieve the physical stress you are placing on the neck and shoulders.

Hopefully this information is helpful in understanding why you have neck and shoulder pain on the side opposite your mouse hand. Please pass it on to a cranky co-worker or spouse who spends too much time on the computer. They may need it.

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