Alegedly US Officials Leak Worse Than Whistleblowers

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( — May 19, 2015) — According to Freedom of the Press Foundation (FPF), US officials leaked information about the ISIS raid that’s “more sensitive than anything Snowden ever leaked.”

Citing anonymous US officials, New York Times reviled how US Special Forces obtain intelligence on whereabouts of one of the ISIS commander Aby Sayyaf, which probably disrupted the whole network of informers and operatives in Syria and Iraq.

US officials leaked information that allows ISIS militants to learn from the media reports how much the CIA knows about them and which channels of communication to dismiss in the future.  

FPF quoted chapters in the NY Times report, explaining how the US conducted a “successful” raid in Syria:

“The raid came after weeks of surveillance of Abu Sayyaf, using information gleaned from a small but growing network of informants the C.I.A. and the Pentagon have painstakingly developed in Syria, as well as satellite imagery, drone reconnaissance and electronic eavesdropping”, American officials said. The White House rejected initial reports from the region that attributed the raid to the forces of President Bashar al-Assad of Syria,” NY Times report read.

The report basically disclosed that there is a developed network of informers deep within the ISIS structure, and that ISIS fighters could be monitored from space or by drones. FPF reported that it is to expect that terrorists will now change their communications routine. What is more important, the reckless report jeopardizes lives of informants, according to the Freedom of the Press Foundation. In addition, FPF emphasize that none of the information Snowden leaked jeopardize lives.

Yet despite the fact that the ISIS raid was discussed on all of the Sunday shows this week, no one brought up anything about this leak. Contrast that with Snowden’s revelations, where government officials will use any situation to say the most outlandish things possible in an attempt to smear his whistleblowing, regardless of their basis in reality. Take former CIA deputy director and torture advocate Mike Morrell, for example, who is currently on a book promotion tour and has been preposterously suggesting that Snowden’s leaks somehow led to the rise of ISIS.

In the report, the Freedom of the Press Foundation recalls that former CIA deputy director and torture advocate Mike Morrell told the media “there was a program that he [Snowden] disclosed that was vital to the United States’ ability to see what terrorists are doing. And they all changed their communication habits because of that disclosure, al-Qaida in Pakistan, al-Qaida in Yemen and al-Qaida in Iraq, which morphed into ISIS.”

Morrell also said the same week in ‘60 minutes’ that “What Edward Snowden did has put Americans at greater risk because terrorists learn from leaks and they will be more careful, and we will not get the intelligence we would have gotten otherwise.”

The Freedom of the Press Foundation points out that “every single thing Morrell said applies to what US officials leaked this weekend.” However, “since the leak about the ISIS raid was meant to glorify the Obama administration, everyone in the US government will pretend like it never happened,” FPF stated in a report.