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( — May 20, 2015) St. Saviour, New Jersey — The high level of positive feedback on Amazon has prompted Just Pure Hut USA to reduce the price of its Wine Saver wine stopper set ahead of Father’s Day, allowing shoppers to save more when getting the item as a gift for the iconic day.

For a limited time, the Wine Saver is available at a 39% discount off its list price. Additionally, all purchases over $35 receive free shipping. The Wine Saver is used by wine drinkers to maintain the integrity of unused wine after a bottle has been opened. As a result, drinkers can savor a bottle of wine over a longer period of time, with little to no fall off in product quality. This can result in money being saved since wine can become spoiled after being exposed to air and if bottles are not properly resealed.

Just Pure Hut USA’s wine stoppers set is designed for ease of use and comes with a vacuum wine pump, along with a pair of wine stoppers. Together, they are used to extract excess air from opened bottles and then provide an airtight seal, keeping unused wine fresh for a longer period of time than if they were resealed with the original corks. The integrity of the product as a food safety device is approved by a number of certifications, including those by the FDA, CE and EU and the wine stoppers are made from high quality rubber.

“This wine pump is perfect for my cooking wines that may take months to use up. I like to buy larger bottles to save money and this works great to keep them fresh,” said Jules, a verified Amazon reviewer.

The rubber wine stoppers set is currently available on Amazon. With many favorable comments continuing to be posted about the product, it is seen by many as an ideal Father’s Day gift. Shoppers who may be considering the product in observance of Father’s Day are expected to not only be pleased with the discount in price but also the full lifetime guarantee that they are sold with.

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The wine saver set from Emoyeni is considered as an ideal accessory for bartenders to use to maintain the quality and taste of the wine they serve. The company is sure about the integrity of its product and has backed it with a full money back guarantee as a result.

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