BBQ Shield Grill Mat Ideal Grilling Accessory For Making Best Grilled Side Dish Recipes

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( — May 20, 2015) Louisville, KY — With summer just around the corner, more quick and easy grilled food recipes are being shared all across the web for those among us that enjoy grilling.  Summer is known as the time for grilling, naturally due to the inclination to be outdoors.  Studies provided by Hearth, Patio and Barbecue Association show that most Americans pull out their grills during the summer heat, when families are likely to be on vacation.  Grilling for many is a bonding experience.  Along with the fact that grilled food is tasty, many people pull out their grills for family gatherings and when entertaining friends.  And especially around holidays such as July 4th. 

MSN recently posted a list of quick and easy grilled side dish recipes that anyone can quickly whip upto serve along with favorite grilled meats during these warm days.  This included recipes for fresh corn on the cob, artichokes, lentils, potatoes, snap peas, mushrooms, tomatoes and more.  For preparing scrumptious grilled meals and sides of small and delicate food, such as vegetables, BBQ Shield recommended the use of their set of PFOA-free grill mats.  The company announced that their pair of grill mats have been designed to allow people to easily prepare professionally done grilled foods of all kinds without experiencing, sticking, charring or fire flare-ups. 

According to BBQ Shield, these are premium quality accessories which stand out for being 150% thicker than many low-priced alternatives.  They announced that the non-stick mats are designed to allow users to achieve tasty results with each use.  “Each time you use these grill mats youll instantly see the difference in your ability to serve up a real tasty grilled meals,” said a spokesperson of BBQ Shield.  With this non-stick mat, users can quickly whip up their favorite food over a grill without any accidents and cleanup all while cooking your meal in record time.

As the ideas and recipes surface, people who are open to unleashing their creativity with their grills can use the BBQ Shield grill mat to achieve endless possibilities.

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BBQ Shield, sold by Paisley Road Products and fulfilled by improves the enjoyment of preparing grilled food. The non-stick surface prevents loss of food through the grates and reduced flare-ups which can burn the food.

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