Fun Chalk Markers Said To Be Ideal Tools For Kids Summer School Arts Program

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( — May 24, 2015) Caledon, Caledon — Now that summer is upon us, many parents will be seeking ways to keep their children out of harm’s way and have them keeping their brain muscles engaged.  Some parents are only concerned about their child having fun during summer and thus send them off to summer camps.  On the other hand, there are those parents that are only concerned with continuing the learning process during the holidays.  Experts suggest however that parents try to strike a balance. 

Summer vacation for children should include continuous brain engagement with some room left for fun activities.  Summer arts programs which has become more popular throughout the years are ideal to get children involved in.  Registration for these summer arts programs open up all across the country around this time of year.

Fun Chalk, a set of chalk pens by Gold Star Selections, has been declared as the best tool for facilitating fun and educational activities during summer in these art programs or children.  It includes 8 fluorescent liquid-ink broad tip chalk markers that have been carefully crafted for children’s use with each pen being odor-free, toxin-free, smudge-free, drip-free, xylene-free, and dust-free. 

Teachers agree that this is an ideal tool for kids to use in schools and in kids’ summer school arts program as these can be used on many surfaces around the classroom, including plastic chairs, whiteboard, chalkboard paper, mirrors, windows, metals giving kids freedom to express themselves through art.  Additionally, on these non-porous surfaces, the markers are erasable with a damp cloth to make way for a new project.  These reversible, broad tip chalk markers by Gold Star Selections provide bright and boldly colorful strokes on any surface which dries within seconds.

One art teacher, Becky Bergeron, said, “I was very interested in whether the product worked like dry erase markers.  Well, it does.  I was able to draw and write with these markers as well as erase it with a dry eraser or paper towel with water.  I love the opaqueness of the liquid chalk compared to the transparent dry erase markers.  Beautiful for graphic art.”

Gold Star Selections’ chalk markers have become a favorite for children for art projects and have been featured in numerous mom blogs professing this.  The markers are designed to allow children to unleash and explore their inner artist as well as prevent discomfort or health hazards during use, making them a prime choice for those with allergies and asthma at summer school arts programs. 

Parents can consider enrolling their children in summer arts programs instead of the typical camps and regimental school programs before registration closes as these prove to be not only fun and expressive but continues to engage the brain.

“Summer arts programs are not just fun but educational for kids,” a spokesperson at Gold Star Selections said.  “Our broad tip chalk markers are designed for these kind of arts programs to allow kids to freely express and create and that’s what makes them so ideal,” he continued.

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